WILL Initiative Proposal

Register Profile Proposal Sample(PDF)

WILL is asking willing participants to submit a project plan for an initiative, which strengthens our concepts and utilizes the concept of Social Entrepreneurship and Empowerment.

The Project must meet the following guidelines. We have also provided a sample submission outline, which can help you in preparing a project plan and report. This shall also allow us to understand and analyze your proposal in a transparent and just manner.

Project with actionable concept, social impact potential and financial viability shall be adopted partially by WILL (support the initiative through its resources and network), however the initiative must have financial sustainability aspect built in. The initiative must align with the vison/mission of WILL.

  • The scope of the project should fall under Social Entrepreneurship concept
  • The Diversity and Inclusivity concepts defined clearly within your context
  • The Project Cannot be Gender Biased at all – it must be clearly shown
  • Participants shall become a preferred member of the institute -when&if - their initiative/project is selected by WILL as a partial sponsor.
  • Projects with potential shall be contacted by WILL to further enhance their and exceptionality.
  • Submitting a project does not mean it will be accepted, however the information shall remain with WILL as your intellectual property.
  • The Proposal shall be submitted online through our website/Blog.

All submitted ideas shall be provided with an online environment to share their concepts through the platform of WILL

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